Stryker Dump Trailer

Stryker Dump Trailer

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Stryker Dump Trailer


Product Features


A powerful scissor lift system is included, enabling efficient and controlled dumping of materials. This lift mechanism provides excellent stability and lifting power, ensuring that even the heaviest loads can be dumped smoothly. The scissor lift's design also minimizes wear and tear, extending the trailer's operational life.

Combo Gates

Combo gates on the Stryker Dump Trailer offer flexibility in loading and unloading materials. These gates can be configured to swing open or function as a spreader, allowing for controlled distribution of materials. This dual functionality enhances the trailer's usability for different types of hauling tasks.

Roll Off Tarp

The roll-off tarp system on the Stryker Dump Trailer helps secure loads and protect them from the elements. This feature is particularly useful for keeping materials contained during transport, reducing the risk of spillage. The tarp is easy to deploy and retract, adding convenience to the trailer's operation.

7 Gauge Floor

The trailer floor is made of 7-gauge steel, offering exceptional durability and resistance to damage. This thick, tough flooring is designed to handle heavy impacts and abrasive materials, ensuring a long service life. It provides a solid base for hauling a wide range of loads.

Powder Coated

The Stryker Dump Trailer is powder coated for superior finish and protection against corrosion. This coating process ensures a tough, durable surface that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The powder coating also gives the trailer a sleek, professional appearance that lasts longer than traditional paint.

2' - 4' Sides

The trailer features 2-foot high sides, which are perfect for containing large volumes of materials. This height strikes a balance between capacity and ease of loading, making it versatile for various types of cargo. The durable construction of the sides ensures they can withstand rough handling and heavy use.


Stryker Dump Trailers are expertly designed to withstand a lifetime of heavy use. The custom bracing, unique to Stryker trailers, ensures stability even under extreme loads. These trailers are built with commercial-grade strength and are ready to tackle any job with the same determination as you.

Specs & Features

  • Axles 2- 7k
  • Sides 2'
  • Combo Gates
  • 10,000lb Jack
  • Scissor Lift
  • Roll Off Tarp
  • Slide In Ramps
  • 7ga Floor
  • Powder Coated
  • Mega Toolbox
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