Lamar FG Deckover Goosneck Trailer

Lamar FG Deckover Goosneck Trailer

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Build Summary

Lamar FG Deckover Goosneck Trailer


Product Features

Frame and Crossmembers

The trailer is built with a robust 12" 22 lb. I-beam frame, offering exceptional strength and durability. Standard features include 16" spaced crossmembers and a treated yellow pine floor, ensuring a solid and reliable platform. Additional options include a 5' or 9' hydraulic dovetail, low-profile pierced-beam frame, and 12" spaced crossmembers for added flexibility and customization.


Equipped with dual 10,000 lb. drop-leg jacks as standard, the Lamar FG Trailer ensures stable and easy leveling. For added convenience and strength, you can upgrade to dual 10,000 lb. 2-speed jacks, dual 10,000 lb. hydraulic jacks, or even dual 25,000 lb. 2-speed Jost jacks, depending on your specific needs.

Cargo Loading and Storage

For cargo loading, the Lamar FG Trailer comes with standard stake pockets, a rub rail, and a pair of slide-in ramps. You can enhance its functionality with a 4' side mount toolbox, weld-on D-rings, strap winches, and a lockable chain rack. Other options include a winch plate with a 12,500 lb. Warrior winch and a receiver hitch with plug for additional versatility and secure cargo handling.

Axles and Brakes

The Lamar FG Trailer comes with 10,000 lb. electric brake spring axles as standard, ensuring reliable stopping power and durability. For enhanced performance, you can opt for 15,000 lb. electric brake spring axles. The trailer also offers several suspension options, including electric brake hutch suspension axles and electric hydraulic disc brake axles, providing versatility for different load requirements.

Powder Coat Finish

Featuring a high-quality powder coat finish in Lamar Charcoal Gray, the Lamar FG Trailer offers superior durability and protection against the elements. This finish involves grit blasting the surface to ensure maximum adhesion and longevity. Resistant to corrosion, chipping, and fading, the powder coat helps maintain the trailer's appearance and structural integrity even under harsh conditions.


This Lamar trailer offers a 3-year structural warranty and a 1-year paint warranty, protecting against manufacturing defects and maintaining appearance. This comprehensive coverage reflects Lamar's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring peace of mind for owners.


Trailer Specifications

Premium Components

  • Pressure Treated Pine Floor: All lumber is made and installed to withstand weather.
  • Arctic Wire Harness: All wire harnesses are sealed and the front hook up is rated for -65°F.
  • Premium Powder Coat: The frames are metal blasted and a super durable powder coat is applied that will hold up to weather and salt better than liquid.
  • 3 Year Structural Warranty: All frames are built tough and backed up with a 3 year warranty.
  • Sizes & Payload
    • 102" x 25’: Weight - 8,890 lbs, Payload - 21,110lbs
    • 102" x 32’: Weight - 9,735 lbs, Payload - 20,265lbs
    • 102" x 40’: Weight - 10,840 lbs, Payload - 19,160lbs
  • 30K Triple Axle Sizes & Payload
    • 102" x 32’: Weight - 9,735 lbs, Payload - 20,265lbs
    • 102" x 40’: Weight - 11,300 lbs, Payload - 18,700lbs
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • 10K Electric Brake Spring Axles
    • 10K Electric Hydraulic Disk Brake Hutch Suspension Axles
    • 10K or 12K Electric Brake Hutch Suspension Axles
    • 10K or 12K Electric Hydraulic Disk Brake Hutch Suspension Axles
    • 10K or 12K Electric Hydraulic Disk Brake Spring Axles
    • 6" Spread Axle Kit


  • Dual 10K Drop-Leg Jacks
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • Dual 10K 2-Speed Jacks
    • Dual 10k Hydraulic Jacks


  • Led Lights
  • Weather Resistant Harness (-65°F)
  • Pair Of Side Turn Flashers (Standard on 30’+)
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • Solar Charger

Loading Angles

  • Straight Deck with 96" Slide In Ramps - 22°
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • 4’ Dove with 24" Stand Up Ramps - 18°
    • 4’ Dove with Rhino Ramps - 19°

Cargo Loading

  • Front Tool Box
  • Rub Rail
  • Standard Stake Pockets
  • Pair Of Slide-In Ramps
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • 4’ Side Mount Tool Box
    • 5’ Spring Assisted Heavy Duty Gate With Ramp Legs
    • Weld On D-Rings
    • Flush Mount D-Rings
    • Flush Mount Swivel D-Rings
    • Weld On Strap Winches
    • Sliding Strap Track & Winches
    • Lockable Chain Rack
    • Winch Plate
    • 12,000lb Warn Winch
    • Receiver Hitch & Plug
    • Pair Of Flip-Over Ramps
    • Pair Of Rhino Ramps


  • 2-5/16" 25K Gooseneck Coupler
  • Ground to Coupler Height - 25" - 33"
  • Options to Exchange or Add On
    • 2-5/16" 25K Wallace Adjustable 4-Bolt Plate Coupler
    • 3" 35K Adjustable Pintle Eye Coupler
    • 2-5/16" 30K Gooseneck Coupler
    • 2-5/16" 30K Gooseneck Adjustable Topwind Square Coupler
    • 6" Raised Neck & Coupler
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